Does the highest paying route always have to be used? YES
Can I use a low paying route in order to activate a mountain railway? NO
Can I use a low paying route in order to activate a tunnel company? NO
Does the issue price of the FNM have to be set immediately P6 is bought? YES
If the first 5/5H locomotive is sold abroad as the last action in a series of ORs, can SBB shares be traded in the following stock round? YES
When I put the FO mountain tiles on, can I build a tunnel under it if connected via the FO without necessarily being connected to the tunnel entrance? YES
Can an H-loco go to Liechtenstein? YES
If a pre-SBB company has not received the second half of its capital before the SBB forms does the SBB get the extra capital? NO
If a company has just a route from its home base to a red hex but possesses only an h-locomotive, does this satisfy the requirement to own a locomotive?
*but it earns no income and so the shares fall in value.
Can a company build several tunnels in one operating round?
*provided the director owns the necessary building rights.
Can a tunnel be built before the normal tile lay? YES
Can a tunnel be built after the normal tile lay? YES
The target of company AB is Winterthur, does this mean any city on that hex?
*Winterthur is only the historical destination.
Is the 10 on the Zürich hex a misprint? YES
Does Aarau upgrade using OO tiles? NO
When a company reaches its target do the corresponding shares have to been sold for it to receive its extra capital? NO
An odd 5% or 25% share owned by a player rounds up? YES
An odd 5% or 25% share in the bank pool paying to the company, round these down? YES