1  map (2 parts)
1  information sheet about the phases of the game
1  sheet as place to keep the unsold shares
56  yellow track tiles
56  green track tiles
27  brown track tiles
6  gray track tiles
4  gray-blue track tiles
6  transparent (tunnel-) track tiles
41  traincards
7  private companies (P1 bis P7)
96  shares of 15 public companies
5  shares of mountain railroads
5  shares of the tunnel company
59  station markers
14  markers for the initial price of shares
15  markers for the actual price of shares
5  markers (B1 to B5) zum of the maountain railroads
5  markers (T1 to T5) zum of the tunnels
6  tables of income for the mountain railroads
96  plastik chips (the markers are glued on them)
1  plastik chip to mark the change between shareround and operatingrounds
15  sheets of the public companies
9  banknotes (32x 1,24x 2,16x 5,16x 10,24x 20,16x 50,16x 100,24x 200,8x 500, total: 12.000 sfr)
7  number cards to show the order of movement
1  rules of the game (14.1.04); download here or open as pdf-file (with many thanks to Noel Leaver for translation)